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Frequently Asked Questions:

Updated: Mar 6

This is Chef Jeffrey Owner of JP Fine Foods LLC. I would just like to post here some information that I go over several times a day with new clients and interested customers. I only book one flawless event per day. Saturdays book very quickly. Most of the guests that book with me choose 4 passed Hors D'oeuvres for one hour and a 5 course plated tasting menu. Average guest count varies usually 6 and up. That is most inline with the concept of my company (Multi course tasting menu- Fine Dinning) and it is mostly what I sell. We also do a lot of high end cocktail parties with bartenders passed and stationed platters guest count 15-1500.. I offer sample menus for both of these experiences on my menu page of this website as well as other experiences.

Question- Do you bring your own cooking equipment?

Answer- Yes, I use my own cooking equipment, I bring my own platters for pass and you are welcome to rent plates, glasses, etc from me or we can use yours for smaller parties.

Question- Do you clean up after?

Answer- Yes absolutely, This is a very full service catering co. everything including counters, floors, all glasses, plates will be put away and everything will be as clean or cleaner than we found it. Trash will be taken out as well. My guests do not work during my events at all, they shouldn't need to get up from the table or even ask for anything as my service staff is polite excellent and well trained.

Question- Do you cook onsite? How long are you there? When do you arrive?

Answer- Yes I prepare everything in advance and execute on site so I do need a stove and oven. We arrive an hour prior to service for smaller jobs and 90 minutes prior for bigger jobs. We don't rush our guests for the multi course tasting menus we only clear when the last guest is done eating. We are usually done about 30 minutes to an hour after guests finished dessert.

Question- Do you have your own staff?

Answer- Yes. I personally recruit, hire and train the best staff I can find. Full service. I have well trained experienced bartenders and service staff.

Question- How do we book you?

Answer- I'm just a one chef company and I just book one event per day. First I require a deposit. I then email you the catering contract and invoice to sign and return to me. Once you have done both in that order your event date is secure. We can then finalize the menu.

Question- What is your background and how long have you had this company?

Answer- My bio/ resume is available online here on my website, linked -in, facebook, this website has links to all those sites. I've been a professional chef for over 2o years and done everything I have wanted to do in my career prior to this co, LLC was formed 9/21/2017

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