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Weekly Meal Prep Delivery Personal Chef Service NYC

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Thank you for your interest!

Offering safe, reliable, quality, affordable food. Excellent menu options. Seasonal.

I offer weekly meal prep delivery service in and around Manhattan. I’m a trained certified chef with over 20 years of professional cooking experience.

$450.00 minimum for weekly service- delivery on Monday only $50 per meal per person plus the cost of food. This is the most affordable option and an excellent value for those who understand. Restaurant quality food, custom made weekly chef developed menus, no dishes to clean, delivered right to your door. Safe and reliable!

#gluten free

#anti inflammatory

#sugar free

#weight loss

#food allergies

etc. I provide

#weekly meal preparation delivery service

for busy families and working professionals. My food can be described as: Healthy, international and gourmet. Homemade, made from scratch using organic, seasonal ingredients with the use of superfoods and wholesome ingredients. Fully vaccinated and always following the highest hygiene and disinfecting protocols for grocery delivery/shopping and for cooking to protect yourself and your family.

Food is medicine!

Please text me (917)776-8203

Please contact me directly for more information!

Healthy immune boosting foods

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Eating!

Chef Jeffrey Pearson JP Fine Foods LLC


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